Gooey Oreo Cake Bars

Gooey Oreo Cake Bars

Tuesday was our first official day of summer.  All three of my kids are finished with the school year and are home with me for the next 10 weeks!  I try my best to balance activities, family time, play dates and even allow for quite a bit of unscheduled, unstructured free time. Did you hear Continue Reading …

Citrus Soaked Apple Slices

Citrus Soaked Apple Slices

We just got back from our first ever family trip to Disneyland! Our youngest Drew finally reached the magical height of 40 inches so we thought it was the perfect time to make the trip down to the Magic Kingdom. Things were not looking so magical though when the moment we arrived at our hotel, Continue Reading …

Chocolate Peppermint Crinkle Cookies


  The process of grieving is painfully long and the journey for many is still just beginning. Although words continue to fail me after this horrific event, I did want to share with you the wise words that my Pastor wrote last Friday… Pastor Ray Johnston’s response to the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School: Continue Reading …

A Little Comfort Food {Panera Soup}

Panera Tomato Soup

Not much to say today. Still saddened and heartbroken, still grieving for those who are suffering… And yet, I was chosen to participate in an opportunity to enjoy soup at Panera Bread. It doesn’t feel right, to write about randomness or to do restaurant reviews with all that is wrong today. It’s not time to Continue Reading …

A Day of Silence


Candy Bar Cheesecake Brownies


PMS and children do not go well together.  PMS and Candy Bar Cheesecake Brownies go very well together!  I love my children dearly but today I am counting down the minutes until they go to bed so that I can calm my raging hormones with a few one of these… Candy Bar Cheesecake Brownies Brownie Continue Reading …