Summer Fruit Platter

I was thinking that I should probably post something a little more substantial food wise today since my last two posts have been of the quick and easy variety.  However, who is really doing any kind of substantial cooking with this heat?  It has been over a 100 degrees for a few days now and the last thing I want to do is turn my oven on.  Also with the fourth of July approaching and all the barbecues and celebrations planned, I thought I should share with you a simple appetizer to enjoy with friends this holiday weekend.  You can’t get much simpler than a fresh fruit platter.  With summer’s abundance of fresh and delicious fruits, be creative in your choices and be sure to include a variety of colors and tastes.  Here is one that my mom put together while she was here visiting last weekend.  Yes, my mom put this together!  This is something to be noted because I often have a hard time relinquishing control in the kitchen but I think that she did a beautiful job (and I’m not even sure she looked at the diagram I gave her to follow).

Summer Fruit Platter
Here are the fruits that I used but really use whatever suits your fancy :)
Fruit Platters are always a crowd pleaser.  Even the smallest of hands won’t be able to resist.

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  1. 1
    Cindy M says:

    I'm so excited you gave me credit. I know that was so difficult giving me control in the kitchen, though, I did notice several times you peeking out from the corner of your eye to monitor my chopping and placing of the fruit.I don't know why all the doubt, I never let you down while you were growing up with the Del-Monte fruit cocktail.You always had your 5 a day, even a couple cherries

  2. 2
    Amanda says:

    I love this!! I am hoping to do this for my friends wedding next week as I am in charge of the platters!! I am just trying to figure out how to get the pineapple cored in the middle! So if you mum has any tips on how to get it done please let me know & I will give her all the credit!

    • 3
      Allie says:

      To core the pineapple she used one of those handy pineapple corer slicer gadgets, I just love that thing!

  3. 4
    shreya says:

    Dear Allie..
    I really liked the way you have done the fruit platter… I am doing it for my sons birthday get together.. I am sure everyone will like it :)
    Thanks for sharing ..