Easter Chocolate Crispy Nests

Today is the last day of preschool before Easter break.  Caleb’s class is having an Easter party to celebrate.  We will be bringing these tasty treats to share with his friends.
Easter Chocolate Crispy Nests
1/2 cup milk chocolate chips
1/2 cup semi-sweet chocolate chips
3 cups of crisp rice cereal
1 bag of Easter mini eggs
Put the milk chocolate and the semi-sweet chocolate chips in a pot and cook on low, stirring often.
Heat until the chocolate is all melted and smooth.
Place the rice cereal in a large bowl.
Add the melted chocolate.
Gently mix in the chocolate with the rice cereal.
Line a muffin tin with paper liners.
Spoon the chocolate cereal mixture in, dividing it equally amongst each cup.
Place a few Easter eggs on the top of each treat,
we decided that 3 eggs looked nice in each nest :)
Set them aside to cool and set up for an hour or so.
If you have any chocolate leftover, there is no shame in licking the spoon!
The perfect Easter treat!
Aren’t they so cute?
Source:  adapted from The English Kitchen

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  1. 1
    mylatte says:

    The chocolate nests look yummy and so cute! The kids are having such a fun time, especially Drew. How precious of all the grandbabies helping.

  2. 2
    heather says:

    These are adorable! I am going to make them this week. I love the pictures of the kiddos!

  3. 3
    Heather bazzocco says:

    Allie these are so CUTE! And I must say….that picture and quote of Drew licking the choc. spoon had me cracking up! Hilarious! That is something you'd see on a funny bday card or something….too funny! I am still giggling inside as I write this….love his big eyes!

  4. 4
    kwsuydam says:

    I think this is a good site for chumming Gramma's and Grampa's to come visit as well as getting good recipes! I see two of my favorite things. Grandkids and Cadbury's Mini Eggs! Did you know we toured the Cadbury Factory in New Zealand, your treats look like they belong there! Those are such cute pictures of the kids, they are such good helpers and they are learning so much. Good job

  5. 5
    Cindy M says:

    Too yummy, too cute!!!!! The nests look delicious and the kids absolutely adorable, I could eat them all up and OMG Drew Boo, not enough words:)

  6. 6
    thelumberjackswife says:

    Very cute!

  7. 7
    Lynn says:

    I tried this on Saturday to make for Easter treats. There must be a misprint or something left out. There is no way I could get 1 cup of melted chocolate to cover 6 cups of rice Krispies. I kept adding ingredients until I finally had enough to cover, but I don’t feel I had the right consistency.

    • 8
      Allie says:

      Oh no! I am so sorry when I made this and was posting it, I doubled the recipe but failed to double all of the ingredients when I was typing it out. The chocolate was correct but the rice Krispes were off. I just fixed it. Thanks for letting me know.